24 March 2008

The labor of hate - part II

After the appetizer of the first chapter, it will be easier for you to digest what is coming now. I am almost sure, that is. Time to introduce another participant.

Professor Oleg Karatayev, doctor of jurisprudence, chair of law faculty, St. Petersburg State University of Water Communications. Besides being a law expert, Mr Karatayev has some history lessons to convey.

Control of the power fell into Jewish hands a year or two before the February revolution, Jewish banks funded the revolutionary groups aiming for destruction of monarchy and full control of Russia.

Stalin, using some brilliant maneuvers, succeeded toward 1941 to take over the power, cleaning up the government of Jews. WW II with its great sacrifices [Stalin on the Mausoleum in the background] helped to consolidate the Russian character of the country. But the "Jewish infection" hasn't allowed the power to remain in Russian hands after Stalin's death, and the power was gradually monopolized by Jews again. In seventies and eighties, when Jews realised that the Communist ideas don't work anymore, they left them and the Soviet authority and regime self-destructed. In 1991 - 1993 the power totally passed into Jewish hands. The Jewish revolution [sic!] of 1991 - 1993 was very easy, due to the fact that there was no real resistance on the part of the Soviet government.
Mr Karatayev concludes this part of historical review:
So, we either have to confess that Russians are imperfect in anthropological sense [whatever that means] or to admit that Jews are taking over the positions of power due to their [mumbling for search of words here] penetrative ability [whatever it means again]...
The next speaker is no more and no less than the great Russian writer, Nobel prize winner, the one and only Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn:

In defense of this speaker it should be said that his anti-Semitic tendencies are somewhat watered down - both in his books and in his speeches. He mumbled something about people who tend to go into business and politics instead of working the soil - but his heart clearly wasn't in it. However, he willingly gave a hand to this carnival of hate...

The next subject on the agenda was genocide of the Russian people. It is true that Russia faces a demographic catastrophe. Low birth rate, inefficient medicine, declining life expectancy due to alcoholism - all these are contributing to the population decline. And guess who is the guilty party? Here is another august speaker:

Lyubov Sliska, the First Deputy Chairman of the Duma - the Russian parliament. Big cheese, and she has to choose her words carefully.
It is as if there is a goal of extermination of Russian population. So these people should tell us [addressing some mysterious power beyond the screen] that this is so, so we can be prepared and ready...
Yep... There is more, much more of the same, so I have chosen to pick a few remarkable highlights from the rest of the movie, before it comes to some conclusions and "action items".

For strong expressions, third parties, like this Serbian archbishop

are chosen to vent the "Zhido-masonic" ("Judeo-masonic) and other similar strong terms. Or this cleric

that defined the the final goal of the "behind-the-scene" world government: to take over the globe populated by drastically reduced population of half-robots... to reach the absolute triumph of evil, the Kingdom of Antichrist...

Oh, and re that "Jewish fascism": it appears that this term is not sufficient for some of the contributors. Here comes another one:

Michael Nazarov, an expert in history and head of publishing house "Russian Idea":
German Nazism just copied the Jewish "chosen people" theory of a superior race that should dominate all other races...
Mr Nazarov seems to focus on a specific item of Jew-hate: the blood libel. With relish he revives the whole revolting history of this hateful slander. My friends who were so amazed by the latest Novosibirsk story have another surprise coming: there were several cases of blood libel in Russia during the last twenty years (one of them, in Krasnoyarsk in 2005, was started by Nazarov himself). Mr Nazarov is happy to chat about it, to make sure. And he is proud to announce that he is publishing a new book on the Beilis trial. No more and no less.

But the issue of blood libel is not raised without a higher purpose. According to the anchor, ritual killing of gentile boys is a Hassidic "tradition". And which is the most visible Hasidic sect in Russia today - of course, the "Nazist Chabad movement". And who is the leading representative of this blood-drinking group? Yes, you guessed right - it is Berl Lazar - the Chief Rabbi of Russia...

To be continued here.