12 March 2008

Carefree Blogging with BlogBackupOnline

Being self-centered and confident in our star qualities and our vast value to humanity, we, the bloggers are living in a shadow of a constant nightmare: what happens if the uncounted treasures accumulated in our blogs suddenly disappears? Pulling of hair, gnashing of teeth, knocking head on wall and other acts of self-mutilation don't even start to describe what could potentially happen to us. And, in fact, happens from time to time to some less fortunate users of Blogger and other tools.

Well, I am happy to tell you all that there is a superb solution and no, it is not Prozac.

BlogBackupOnline - the solution that is incredibly easy to enroll too for the most technically dumb (yours truly is a good example of HTML, XML and their mom - hater) blogger. Two minutes to enroll, an hour or so till your priceless content is backed up for the first time - and then just forget about it, it all takes care of itself. Daily and as regular as sunrise.

I only wish BlogBackupOnline folks could provide more free space - this here place is growing dangerously fat...

Anyway, go there, try it and I promise - it will make you a happier and, all things considered, a better person.