24 March 2008

The labor of hate - part III

Welcome, my staunch and stubborn readers - I know there are very few of you who remained reading this long post after the first two chapters...

It is time to mention the visual aids generously sown by the editors throughout the whole movie. This image of blue sky is frequently accompanying the mentions of pure and lovely Orthodox Christianity.

These and similar images are frequently used as a sub-second flashes when the hated Jews are discussed:

Looks familiar, doesn't it?

The movie dedicates ample attention to the motive of Christ killers. It is done by (fairly artless, but this is not a Hollywood production, remember) intermixing of various scenes of dancing and otherwise celebrating Jews of all kinds with the most bloody scenes from The Passion of the Christ (thanks, Mel). Crude - but effective.

From this point it is only natural to plunge into a long learned discourse on a diabolical, anti-human and, of course, anti-Christian nature of Judaism. It is done with endless quoting from Hebrew texts (that appear for a few seconds on the screen sometimes), the mentioned above pictures of world-dominating aliens and such. The quotes are nothing new, though - you can find tons of such material on Jew Watch and similar places. It is the vigor and the passion in presenting these fakes that makes it so refreshing...

Tired? I am, so let's see what is the conclusion of the movie. What are the recommendations the anchor gives to the Russian people?

First of all - tell this mixed bunch of vermin that we are not afraid of them and soon will sweep them away as dust and dirt that has accumulated during the absence of the lawful owners.

Then we must tell the Russian people in various government, law-enforcement and military offices - we are not your enemies but brothers, bound by thousands years of common fate, tradition and culture. How can we allow our enemies to place us again on the opposing sides of the barricades?

And the last - stressing that he is not calling for violence, the anchor quotes the appropriate chapter of the human rights declaration that allows for revolt against the regime that acts against the best interests of its citizens...
Any questions? So let's deal with our own conclusions.

The unholy trinity of anti-semitic wing of the Orthodox Church, the communist party and various smaller neo-nazi, nationalistic and similar parties and groups is not a paltry bunch of wackos. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of indoctrinated Jew-haters, mostly dormant as far as the acts of racial hatred are concerned, but ready to be called to the flag at any moment - should an excuse be given. And another reminder from here:
In February 2005, twenty Russian MPs signed a letter, along with 500 intellectuals, accusing Jews of ritual murder and Satanism, and calling for all Jewish organisations to be banned.
The two hundred thousands or so Jews still remaining in Russia could do much worse for themselves than consider - and act - on the notion of leaving this place forever. Better safe than sorry.

As for the Russians... With all my love to the great nation: when you find the right time to stop blaming the enemies within and enemies from without for all your various blunders, maladies and disasters, when you find yourself able to look (a mirror could be useful) into the ever mysterious Russian soul (maybe it is not so mysterious after all and looks just like any other soul?) - then you will find a way to true freedom. And an opportunity to clean up your act regarding the creeps like the ones that star in this (and quite a few others like this one) movie.

Yes, it is important to stress that, unfortunately, this movie is not an exceptional one. There are more of the same genre, but one is quite enough for the purpose of this post.

If you want a short general review of modern Russian anti-Semitism, you can look at these three texts by ADL.

The movie (at least part of it) could be also seen here.

Update: as fates will have it, the authorities in Russia have opened criminal proceedings against the good Mr Dushenov. Here is the gist of the charges against him:
That he committed acts intended to arouse hatred and enmity, as well as harm the dignity and rights of person or groups on grounds of nationality, origin, religion, committed publicly with the use of the mass media, by an organized group...
Good luck, Mr. Dushenov!