12 March 2008

Testing the strength of your stomach

Warning for the more sensitive reader: a vomit inducing post, click "Read more..." at your own peril.

I have been hesitating about the appropriate area of human anatomy that could serve as a suitable location for the species mentioned in this post... but let the story unveil.

The enmity between various groups of so called "Jewish anti-Zionists" in Britain (in fact, calling them "groups" is a vast exaggeration in most cases) is definitely not news. Mutual hate between these strange microorganisms is caused mainly by the limited access to the media trough. After all, how much interest could generate another sorry case of complex-ridden Joo who is so unhappy to be a Joo to start with that his readiness to vilify his own people exceeds most of the worst examples provided by anti-Zionist gentiles?

But this is not a post about psychiatry. It is about another spike in the fascinating (no, not really) mud-slinging war between two "prominent" members of these small but virulent species: Gilad Atzmon and Tony Greenstein. You can enjoy the e-war in its amazing ugliness here. Laughably, the source of the story calls itself Socialist Unity or something like that - hooray to unity!

The best summary of the whole, including the concise analysis of warring parties belongs to Tone the GreenStalin himself. In a rare display of clarity he... see for yourself:

Which is worse? Stealing off a bank or denying that millions of people were murdered? Just a question about ‘ethics’. And speaking of paedophillia, do you think your friend Israel Shamir, who defends sex with girls as ‘old’ as 9 is still a ‘unique and advanced thinker’?
Aside of one typo, no third party could describe the participants of the feud better. A thief, a Holocaust denier, a pedophile - no need to add to that.

Now we can go back to the question of the area of human anatomy that could be most appropriate as a habitat for these creatures. I have started with "underbelly", but it is a wide and ill-defined term, suitable for prostitutes, robbers, swindlers and other honorable people who could be insulted by the company in question. Groin - but it is an area also associated (between other functions) with pleasure and as such should not be offered as a habitat for such an alien and poisonous lifeforms.

Then I remembered something out of this world. One of the Guardian Talk regulars invented a non-existent creature to characterize his adversaries. This eerily effective insult was met by universal admiration from all political wings of that forum. The term is "anal lice", and it fixes both the location and the genus of the species better than any other. Pity I cannot claim this term as my own invention.

So it is settled then. Move on, people, nothing more to see...

P.S. On another fine example of the same species here.