21 March 2008

Force, Violence and the “One-State” Formula

Ben Cohen of Z-word reports on a curious debate between a Jewish Canadian "philosopher" Michael Neumann and a British "journalist" Jonathan Cook based in Nazareth (Israel). The quotation marks in the previous sentence are due to a) doubtful nature of philosophic abilities of Mr Neumann who starts every article assuring the reader that the author is Jewish himself, the easier for him to slip immediately into anti-Jewish raving; and b) the kookiness of Mr Cook is so highly appreciated that aside of AlJazeera.com (the more lunatic sibling of Aljazeera.net) and the barking mad Counterpunch, no one seems to be eager to publish his ravings.

So, it is definitely not a battle of mental giants. Moreover, those two are in agreement re the final goal: make Israel Juden - frie, they differ only in the ways and means. But Ben does a good job in dissecting their ravings, so typical of a somewhat wider circle of rabid anti-Zionists.

Good reading.