07 March 2008

Seth on the Jerusalem massacre

Another good piece by Seth Freedman. Maybe one correction needed - when he says:

It's almost as though Hamas couldn't care less about their own people's lives, let alone the lives of Israeli citizens.
Seth is still too romantic and too good-hearted to realize a cold and somewhat frightening fact that goes against everything he was taught or taught himself: Hamas not only doesn't give an airborne copulation about dead citizens of Gaza but, in fact, actively steers the events toward more bloodshed that is (this is what Hamas thinks) going to deliver enormous political leverage to this gang of murderers.

It should be (but wouldn't be) clear to the media, to the decision makers, to all the bleeding hearts who decry "holocaust of Palestinians". Too bad...

Now to the thread that has developed on CiF under this article. After a few hours of shocked silence, the Guardian regulars came back to their wits (well, their usual measure of wit, at least). And the well known melody of "This was a terrible act. However..." started at full volume. The following quotes are as much for entertainment as for education of naifs:

It is because of virulent Zionist androids like you Mr Freedman ,that unfortunately this conflict will drag into a decade longer at least.


eftoright - the images of the Palestinians cheering are sickening, as are those annual photographs of young Israelis dancing through the Arab quarter of Jerusalem on Yom Haatzmaut.


Horrible crime indeed ...

An unknown palestinian terrorist faction dressed-up as orthodox jews , sounds like some secret service action to me .


BBC has also joined the above mentioned crowd of "This was a terrible act. However...":
The fact that the school is at the heart of the settler movement in the occupied West Bank may have been the reason why it was targeted, BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen reports.
Fuck you, Jeremy. The fact that there were lots of unarmed Jewish boys in one place was the only reason, you damned moron.

And an interesting piece by (who but) Ami Isseroff.