03 March 2008

The Holocaust experts are talking and more

The Holocaust envy syndrome has never been so frankly expressed as in the recent days.

Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal denounced Israeli attacks against civilians in the Gaza strip on Saturday, describing it as "the real holocaust."
"Israel wants to exaggerate the holocaust and make from it a tragedy such that no other can have their own tragedy," he said. "The Palestinian people are the victims and Israel is the hangman and killer."
Fatah (Hamas-light) leader Mahmoud Abbas echoes the sentiment:
Denouncing the attacks as "more than a Holocaust," Abbas called for "international protection for the Palestinian people," claiming that IDF attacks were aimed at "innocent women, children and old people."
Not to be forgotten: Abbas' "scientific" career was made denying the Holocaust as the thesis of his doctoral degree.
Of course, the chief Holocaust expert, Mahmoud the Mad joins the unholy trinity:
"I already said last year that the real Holocaust was in Palestine," Ahmadinejad told state television in an interview, alluding to his oft-repeated doubts about the magnitude of the mass slaughter of Jews in World War II.
But after this barrage of hateful nincompoopery, another wave of nauseating propaganda follows. And the Hamas' chief ideologist, the under-assassinated vermin Khaled Mashaal, really takes the cake this time, leaving the other contenders in the dust:
"We are an occupied people," he continued. "We did not attack anyone. We are the victims and Israel our executioner….we do not want to fight, or for our people to be killed, but we are acting in self-defense against an occupier that has forced this impossible situation on us.
We did not attack anyone... be a fitting epitaph for his tombstone.

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