23 March 2008

Eitan's ire

Eitan, he who continues in Chicago, got seriously irked by the some Evangelic Christians' missionary activity.

Thanks but no thanks, we don't need your love and your empty words. I am not an observant Jew, yet I attended a Jewish school, have studied bits and pieces of Jewish law, and love my people more than you can possibly imagine. Because I do not put on a kippa and because there are no outward signs of my Judaism, you have tried to convert me.
Yeah, well, so far nobody tried to convert me, though... Should I feel bad about it? Or is it because recruiters of all creeds feel instinctively my inherent rudeness and avoid me as low potential target?

Eitan adds:
I wish, for that matter, that all three great Monotheistic religions could live in peace with one another.
I would like to add another condition: all three can pack their backpacks and go together to some location as equidistant as possible from normal humans' habitat - say, the Moon*.

But Eitan is too goodhearted to say this.

(*) If that sentence doesn't make it clear to you that I am perfectly able to be as good-mannered as the other bloke, you can fuck off and crawl (back) into your arsehole. Unassisted.