17 May 2007

Time for some spanking, Bibi?

Bibi, a.k.a Binyamin Netaniyahu, continues to provide quite regularly excellent displays of our current leadership vacuum. This article (in Hebrew) supplies a few recent bloopers that prove (according to Admiral Amy Ayalon, who is racing for the leadership of the Labor party) that Bibi is a pathological liar.

Example 1. Supervising the late Rehavam Zeevi (Gandhi)

In a Knesset session dedicated to Zeevi's memory, Bibi praised the late minister and recalled a few touching facts and anecdotes from the times when Zeevi served as a minister in Bibi's government.

"When Gandhi served as a minister in my government, he always behaved with wisdom, responsibility, solidarity and humanity", said Bibi.
Fact: Zeevi has not been a minister in Bibi's government.

Example 2. Granting citizenship to Pollard

On his site Bibi claimed (in a speech recorded in video) that he has granted citizenship to the jailed spy Jonathan Pollard.

Fact: The citizenship was indeed granted to Pollard, but during the time Shimon Peres was PM and Chaim Ramon the minister of interior.

Example 3. Pre-natal memories

In an interview to Yediot Acharonot told Bibi about his childhood memories of British soldiers in the streets of Jerusalem.

Fact: Bibi was born after the expiration of British mandate.

The three examples are only a small part of the inexplicable lies Bibi is producing with alarming frequency. It has become almost a part of routine, and the most interesting feature of the whole enchilada is that Bibi's supporters seem to be unperturbed by this character trait.

As a practical advise: being caught so frequently with his pants down, Bibi could save a considerable amount, excluding this item from his wardrobe altogether.

And regarding Admiral Ayalon's diagnosis: while Ayalon is supposed to be experienced in detecting liars, due to his stint as chief of Shin Bet, he still does not possess a medical degree. So let's leave the final diagnosis to experts. It could be just an early onset of senility...

As to the possible cure - here is a way that may work:

Or not, depending on the patient's response...

The picture above filched from here (PG 18 or according to your local custom).