31 May 2006

Some numbers

And finally the day came to celebrate our visitor 30,000! Here she/he is (click to enlarge):

The mere fact that the visitor 30,000 did not ask whether Ben Bernanke is Jewish or where exactly to apply in Saudi Arabia for a sex change put us in a real festive mood.

Congratulations, dear Sir/Madam, and as a reward you get a free subscription to our blog for one year (subject to two daily visits and regular voluntary donation specified in the full text of the contract, special conditions may apply depending on local laws and tax regulations as applicable from time to time).

The number 30,000 has an additional import, since a few days ago Technorati, bless their shiny inhuman computing souls, decreed that SimplyJews have broken the 30,000 barrier, joining the 30,000 most popular blogs out of 40 something millions, or so they say. You calculate the percentages, the numbers are too mind-boggling.

Of course, TTLB (PBUH), keeps driving me crazy by its fickleness, moving the blog up and down the evolution ladder with the consistency of a rattlesnake on amphetamines. For some reason it still claims that SimplyJews is linked by 48 sites only, while Technorati allows 73 (which is still less than we count manually, but who counts?). But TTLB has now a beauty of an interface, with all these colors and stuff, so it's a doozy just to watch, even if one does not have a slightest idea what it is all about...

Ah well. Of course, being a real blogger, I do not care about all these earthly trifles, visitors and links are not what... aw what the heck, whom I am kidding? Please, oh please, click on us, link to us, read us, and the deity of the virtual life will reward you richly*.

(*)And if not, may your punishment be watching Fox News and Lenin's Tomb for 22 hours a day with 2 hours break for vomiting.