18 May 2006

Oy vey, Joseph!

It is not an easy life between the loons on one side and the loons on the other. One has barely a moment to recover from a blow below the belt from the left, and while one is still bending over gasping for air, a loon on the right delivers a swift kick in one's backside.

This time it is our staunch supporter Joseph Fara of WND, who is not completely satisfied with the current (and the previous) government of Israel. After expressing his undying love to the tribe of Israel and his desire to see us all happy and healthy, he delivers that kick:

Yet, despite all this, I am through defending Israel - at least the regime currently in power in Jerusalem, this useless coalition seemingly hell-bent on committing national suicide.

You have, probably, already guessed, that by suicide Joseph means the "convergence" program of the new government.

Anyway, it is really a heavy blow. What, indeed, would we do without Joseph Fara defending our poor helpless lamb of a country (well, that armed to the red bloody teeth racist child-murdering apartheid Zionist entity according to these other loons)?

I shall not go into the whole hail and brimstone speech by Joseph, but some choice passages should be given the respect they deserve:

Israel has made the mistake many times throughout history of turning away from their God. Israel has made the mistake many times throughout history of putting faith in kings and men over the promises of Heaven. Israel has made the mistake many times throughout history of compromise with its ruthless enemies who seek not only the destruction of the Jews, but the oppression of their own people.

Enough of "land for peace." It has never worked - not in Israel's history, nor in any other nation's history. Enough of retreat. Enough of unilateral withdrawals. Enough of staged surrender. Enough of the appeasement with evil. Enough of the madness.

Compromise with evil is evil. And that's what Israel is doing. As for me and my house, I will not be a part of it. I will continue to serve the Lord and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Do you know what, Joseph, let's reach a compromise: you do the praying and we'll do the turning away. This way everyone will be happy, and the enemy will remain as he is now: totally confused.

And do not forget to deal with all these gays and atheists while you are at it. Cheers.

On another, almost unrelated subject: While absorbing the quoted article, my attention was briefly distracted by an interesting logo:

I wondered for a moment what are these new alternatives to homosexuality, but being of a cowardly deportment, decided not to read the small letters here.

Surely WND is contributing to this one?