25 May 2006

Clarification re the look-alikes

AbbaGav brought forth an interesting observation regarding the post dealing with the (superficial) likeness of Ismail Haniyeh and George Clooney.

He thought that the Hanieh's picture is in reality a picture of another Hamas employee, Khaled Meshaal. I have rechecked the issue, and here is the picture of Meshaal.

While there is some similarity, this underassassinated character is not, in fact, Ismail Haniyeh of that previous post. So no mistake.

On the other hand, the similarity is there. No argument. So much so, that if Haniyeh, Meshaal and Clooney were gathered in the same room, an operative in a hurry could easily rub out a wrong person.

To avoid such a grave mistake, here is a quick two-step guide for identification of the right person:

  1. The one without the tie is Khaled Meshaal, and bless your gun/knife/...
  2. Of the remaining two: the one who goes down on all four to say his last prayer (but tell him to be quick about it) is Ismail Haniyeh. Same blessing as before.
I hope you have already gathered who the remaining one is. Do not hurt a hair on his head! He is an important source of income for IRS, Hollywood and his ex(es?).