28 May 2006

inter-gender communication, a new philosophy

Here's the thing, it's not everyday that we can claim to have achieved illumination. Is your domestic life unfulfilling? Do you sometimes feel as though you can't get through to your partner? Has your husband lost his hearing, in your immediate vicinity? Has your wife adopted a strange language?

From the culture that brought us Algebra, rises a new guru, one that will leave the likes of Dr. Ruth Westheimer and Dr. John Gray in the dust. See, as this expert will demonstrate, the west is so far behind in behavioral sciences, the specific field of inter-gender communication that the only reasonable way to describe the west's combined "so called" civilized thinking would be, primitive…

Now this dude preaches a philosophy that most of us westerners are apparently not masculine enough to work out for ourselves – in a nutshell; Men should be silent and contemplate, whereas women should just Shut-The-Fuck-Up and think before they open their cakehole…

Note the complex presentation, without which I must admit, this multifaceted philosophy would have been way beyond my grasp.

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