08 May 2006

Seven makes lucky

At least Jooz believe so. And some of us, it seems, act on their beliefs.

UK: ‚"Rabbi" with 7 wives becomes celebrity

British man claiming to be a rabbi married to seven different women at the same time, became a somewhat minor celebrity in the UK last week after his story was reported by several national newspapers and a TV documentary.

In a self-styled reincarnation of a biblical king, Philip Sharp lives in Brighton, on the southern coast of Britain, with his seven wives and five children. Though not legally married they live according to the belief they are bound in the eyes of God to "love and eternally serve him in every way". In return, his job is to bring them close to God "in the covenant of the family".

The story caused a lot of waves in the Jewish community. Protests, accusations of insanity, fraud and whatnot. I am not sure that these are the most interesting points, though.

How does the bloke manage 7 Jewish wives?

Hat tip: Ami Isseroff