16 May 2006

The brownshirt star of Alabama

Montgomery Advertiser reports on continuing shenanigans of the Alabama's rising star Larry Darby.

BIRMINGHAM -- A Democratic candidate for attorney general denies the Holocaust occurred and said Friday he will speak this weekend to a "pro-white" organization that is widely viewed as being racist. Larry Darby concedes his views are radical, but he said they should help him win wide support among Alabama voters as he tries to "reawaken white racial awareness" with his campaign against Mobile County District Attorney John Tyson. Speaking in an interview with The Associated Press, Darby said he believes no more than 140,000 Jewish people died in Europe during World War II, and most of them succumbed to typhus.

Here is that character's picture, just in case:

He is a lawyer, so when you spit at him, keep a safe distance, spit usually bounces of these types.

Darby said he will speak today near Newark, N.J., at a meeting of National Vanguard, which bills itself as an advocate for the white race. Some of his campaign materials are posted on the group's Internet site. "It's time to stop pushing down the white man. We've been discriminated against too long," Darby said in the interview.

Tyson [Darby's competitor] said that aside from his views on race and the Holocaust, Darby also has publicly advocated legalizing drugs and shooting all illegal immigrants.

No need to comment, right?

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