10 May 2006

Mahmoud writes to George and other news

That historic deed will hardly take a prominent place in the history books all over the world, but the letter itself, most probably, will be made a compulsory study material in Persian schools, in some ultra-left and uber-right parties. Some people who write for some media outlets I am not naming will definitely use this letter for guidance. From Ami Isseroff:

It is an amazing primary historical document. It is not a diplomatic missive in any ordinary sense of the term, since Ahmadinejad calls President Bush a liar. Surely, few such documents have passed between heads of state in hundreds of years. It bears witness to the naive, essentially medieval mindset of the writer. Not a single one of the substantive issues is really discussed by President Ahmadinejad, nor does he offer any practical remedies for the outstanding problems. Instead, in the style of a mendicant friar or a fiery reformationist, he recounts all the supposed "sins" of the American government and calls on President Bush to abandon democracy and repent!

I must add to the above that the document's real purpose is to cater to a specific slice of the Western population that will lap it up in its entirety: it skillfully uses the same slogans that this slice of population is eagerly absorbing from the same (unnamed) media outlets.

In related (?) news: what Ami Isseroff presents as another sin of the Zionists is, in fact, another achievement of the Elders. It is that simple: someone that goes by name of Yoshie Furuhashi, got wise to our dastardly plot to prevent a peaceful solution to Darfur crisis:

The "Save Darfur" rally today was aired on C-Span. The rally was small -- only several thousands according to Reuters ("Thousands March to Stop Darfur Killing," 30 April 2006). And the crowd in attendance was overwhelmingly white. But, boy, it was a professionally-staged photo op, with celebs, politicos, and exiles from Sudan at the podium expertly framed by the U.S. Capitol in the background.

The timing of the rally was perfect, designed to coincide -- and scuttle -- the Abuja peace negotiations between the rebels and Khartoum brokered by the African Union, whose deadline is midnight today. And sure enough, the rebels rejected the peace deal:...

And here comes the rub:

Really, why should the rebels accept any peace deal, when Washington, given an excuse by the pro-war rally organized by an odd alliance of evangelicals and establishment Jews, is pushing for NATO interventions just at this moment?

What Ms. Furuhashi does not know (yet) is that the Jooz enjoy the by-product of the Darfur genocide, harvesting the organs from the "proceeds". But I hope you will give her the proper credit for connecting the dots: Jooz - Evangelicals - Washington - scuttling the peace negotiations - NATO intervention... Really, Jooz just cannot stop being happy at a good genocide.

Sorry, I have to interrupt the post at this point for a good barf.

Update: had a checkup with the departmental shrink. He says that now I am conditioned and my fate is to have a vomiting session every time I hear or read the name Yoshie Furuhashi.

The hazards of serving the Elders...