19 May 2006

Kenya's 'Koranic fish' disappears

The awesome tuna, all 2.5 kg of it, was stolen from the Kenyan Fisheries Department in Mombasa.

The tuna fish, which had provoked intense interest from Muslims, was apparently stolen by people posing as National Museum officials.

Officials from the museum and the country's fisheries department have launched a low-profile search for the stolen fish, fearing possible anger from Muslims if they hear it has been stolen.

Here is the picture, so that the grieving friends and relatives could have another look at the writings.

An aside to the media: it is past time to decide whether it's Koranic, Kuranic, Qoranic, Quranic. As well as to settle the issue of that Libyan character Qaddafi / Ghadaffy....

And, by the way, the sushi wasn't all that good. Elders will pay the market price mentioned in the article ($6), but not a penny more!