17 May 2006

I call it flatulence

Every now and then, we get a visionary's observation, one that rocks the world. An intellectual that presents civilization with a new perspective, one that uplifts humanity to new heights. However, most of the time we don't - we get to read utter crap, opinionated self righteous overblown hysterical claptrap.

According to this sticky diatribe by Daphna Baram, you would assume that Israel is the only country in the world that has immigration laws - a country that is to be considered racist, and god forbid (here comes the big A word) Apartheid

Now listen Daffy, we'll grant you that your Joowish Conscience indeed defines you as a Mench amongst the Plebs. However motek, before you let it run amok and use the big A word in the context of Israel, kindly measure it against the rest of the goyim; or in this case a good place to start, would be Denmark for instance, then you could research the Big Satan's immigration laws – or in your case, the country which now sets you apart from the Ostjuden in the Middle East.

Your minor Elder privileges have been revoked – no more Hummus for you.


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