05 May 2006

A case of a well brought up Nazi

I was visiting Ami's blog ZioNation - Progressive Zionism and Israel Web Log for the latest posts. After reading a post about Benny Morris' contribution to debunking of the Walt and Mearsheimer opus, I have stumbled upon the following comment (click to enlarge):

I have kept an image of this just in case Ami decides to erase it.
If you are too lazy to click:

on Friday, May 5th, Adolph Hitler said

**** israel! You filthy kike pieces of **** all need to die! I hope Iran nukes the **** outn of you and you all die a slow, horrible death!

I wouldn't have reflected on this quote for more time than it takes to click that x in the right upper corner. But something made me to take a second look. What manner of a person will be so free with "you filthy kike" and hold back on 'fuck", "shit", etc.? I mean, besides calling himself Adolf Hitler?

Obviously, one whose mom was a fanatic of cleanliness, politeness and nice table manners. Washed his mouth with soap more than once for using foul language and, probably, was very fussy about his backside, too, if what the analysts still say is true, I wouldn't know. And whose dad was beating him up relentlessly for any real or imaginary transgression of "Das Disziplin". Especially on weekend evenings after a few brewskies. Poor guy, in short.

Oh, and another thing. That specific Adolph Hitler linked his moniker to the US Nazi movement site I wouldn't link from here on general principle. This is not worth any special attention. Aside of one remark: Guess who is featuring so prominently on the first page of the site? No other than our dear Robert Fisk with his "United States of Israel" puke-inducing article in Independent.

Tell me who your friends are, indeed.