28 May 2006

A shocking development in search for Hoffa

This will be definitely a memorable occasion in FBI's history:

Agents Turn to Shovels in Search for Hoffa, says the headline from AP (via Guardian).

Searchers turned to using shovels Sunday as they resumed digging in an area of a horse farm where FBI agents think former Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa might be buried. That section of the Hidden Dreams Farm had been worked over by a backhoe a day earlier. Digging at the 89-acre site was expected to continue through the holiday weekend, said FBI spokeswoman Dawn Clenney.

I hope the pictures of FBI agents shovelling dirt will be published as soon as possible. It will be a historic turn in the life of the suits.

I need my garden refreshed and I wouldn't mind a little cellar in the north-west corner. Just recently I have seen a fragment of what appeared to be a bone somewhere in the garden(hint)...