11 May 2006

Barghouti drafts peace proposal

That according to JP.

A document composed by former Fatah-Tanzim head Marwan Barghouti from inside the Israeli prison where he is incarcerated, outlining the terms of an agreement to quell the tensions between Fatah and Hamas, was approved by Palestinian Chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday.

Together with heads of other Palestinian organizations inside the jail, Barghouti called on Hamas and Fatah to unify into one Palestinian movement, Israel Radio reported. The imprisoned leaders of the two movements, together with representatives of the Islamic Jihad, PFLP and the DFLP signed the document.

The initiative called for all Palestinian organizations to act towards the achievement of an independent Palestinian state based upon the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital. It was the first time a Hamas leader had unconditionally accepted the 1967 borders in a future Palestinian state.

That's a first minuscule step in the right direction, but still far from being there.

The article carries a picture of Bargouti in jail.

Marwan looks definitely better than on the day of his capture after all these years in hiding. So, all things considered, the time in the nick is doing him some good in more than one sense.

Well, happy for you Marwan, and about that document: take your time for some new revisions, there is no hurry, really!

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