06 May 2006

Is Ben Shalom Bernanke what?

To all members of the Elders organization - extremely urgent.

Our Eye has detected an unauthorized transaction on the Internet. Via the Zionist search engine, to boot. The full contents of the transaction and its meaning are being researched right now, but the open part of the text is allowed here:

"is ben shalom bernanke gentile"

There are some details that indicate that this transaction could have been issued by a member of our organization.

Whether the text was sent by our colleague indeed or not, the impact of that inquiry could be horrendous, and whoever perpetrated that foul act should realize the consequences. Sowing doubt about the power of the Elders is the highest offence in our internal book of offences. It is definitely not punished by death!

In short: whoever did it, he or she should stand up and confess. The confession will not alleviate the punishment, but it may somewhat reduce the mandatory procedural steps leading to it.