16 May 2006

Better service or else

Gunmen storm Gaza cellphone company, says this article. The act, I believe, opens a new era in provider - customer relationships.

Palestinian gunmen stormed the headquarters of mobile company Jawwal in Gaza on Tuesday in protest at having their phones cut off in a sign of growing lawlessness in the coastal strip, employees said. They said around 20 gunmen entered the building saying their cellphone memory cards were not working. A short while later they began shooting, damaging over 10 computers but causing no casualties.

I cannot avoid some feeling of sympathy to the customers in this case. More than once, visiting a service center of my cellular provider (no names here), have I wished that I were carrying a gun or, at least, a few hand grenades, but better both.

This approach is definitely a novel way to avoid accumulation of tensions due to poor service and to improve the service at the same time, and our ministry of telecommunications could definitely learn from this example.

The article also mentions that some armed people also killed one senior Hamas member and wounded another, but this, most probably, was done by the same overexcited customers on the way to the service center. Which sad acts offer a lesson: the guns should be rented to the customers inside the service center, with a security deposit sufficiently high to make them return the guns upon departure.