05 May 2006

Mulham Assir 3, or a spitting cobra out of spit

Mulham Assir is quite a busybody. Of course, his livelihood depends on his output counted in words, and this causes him to produce an endless stream of variations of the same subject. However, with time his imagination became exhausted, and in comparison with the two previous gems we have duly reported here and here, the quantity and, especially, quality of the poison in his spit is drastically reduced. I mean the latest article poetically titled "In the Beginning was Palestine". He peddled it to various media outlets sympathetic to his plight, so it is easy to find.

The main premise of this opus is simple and straightforward:

Palestine is our bleeding heart, the place where it all began. It is the open wound which, left untended, has made everything else possible.

We'll not go here into what is meant by "everything else", and the limited size of the article itself did not allow for a heart wrenching description of the extinction of dinosaurs, the Crucifixion, the crusades and everything else to be blamed on Jooz. Which is easy, seeing as how there isn't any proof to the contrary. So we better confess to everything. This will open a plethora of new venues, which might be good for a whole series of articles. Be grateful, Mulhie.

But all this falls into a shadow of total insignificance, since it looks that the spitting cobra has already found itself a god (or a God, it is up to the two of them).

"“The question of Palestine is the present and lasting concern of not only Muslims, but the entire humanity. Palestine is the meeting point of right and wrong."” This is not an Arab leader'’s statement. It is a quote from a recent speech given by Iran'’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the only world leader who has articulated the centrality of Palestine'’s tragedy in the American-led siege ("“crusade"” was George W Bush'’s actual word) against the Arab and Muslim world.

What can one say? Good for you, mate. Now you know both who is guilty and who is your mentor and your shining beacon of truth. Now the Janjaweeds in Sudan and bombers in Indonesia and killers in Kasmir and Taliban beheaders in Afghanistan and Sunni suicide bombers in Iraq have a common battle cry you have so touchingly repeated in that article:

It all began with Palestine.

They also have a fine figure of a man to use as addition to their various flags:

Wait, on this one Mahmoud looks too much like a clown. Try this one:

Yes, it's definitely better, but may cause complications to pregnant women. OK, you decide, after all you are a big boy now.

P.S. And we here would be happy to provide some hospitality to that poster from Madrid, you know whom we mean.

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