08 May 2006

Killer coaches in Ireland?

As another installment in the series, from today's on-line edition of Guardian:

Who killed the old lady? Is it the dastardly sentient coach or the armed police? The article insists that it is the coach:

Armed police opened fire on a stolen luxury coach that killed an elderly woman and injured more than a dozen others during a five-mile chase in the suburbs of Dublin yesterday.

So far there is nothing to dispel the impression that a new breed of monsters, killer coaches this time, appeared in the fair land of Eire. Only somewhere later in the article a human being that may have had a connection to the murderous behavior of the coach is mentioned:

A man, who is believed to be in his early 30s and from the Tallaght area of west Dublin, was arrested on a slip road of the N7 around 2pm.

To keep the readers under suspense, the author does not say anything about the connection, of course: the man in his early 30s could have easily been a runaway husband for all we know.