26 May 2006

Another blow to the skeptics

For years Israeli customers complained about the problems use of Pelephone cellphones causes when traveling abroad. Being not in tune with most European cell phone providers' technology, Pelephone is feverishly looking for alternatives for its users who still stupidly insist that they must visit a foreign country.

If you look at that page, the number of alternatives Pelephone offers far exceeds one's comprehension and leaves a lingering suspicion that something there is fishy. And it is, witness many horror stories about the adventures related to some of these alternatives...

But now, finally, Pelephone got a success story. Says Debkafile(re the investigation of the Dahab terrorist attack):

An instrument was found in the debris of the Dahab attack. It was believed at first to belong to one of the Israeli holidaymakers at Dahab. But when Israeli security examined the recorded calls at the phone company, they found the three suicide bombers led by Youseff Mohrab had used it for conversations from Gaza.

I submit that a phone that works in the wilderness of the Sinai Peninsula will work everywhere. And that Pelephone is vindicated in the eyes of its loyal customers!

P.S. Debkafile is frequently very far off target in their scoops, so if the whole story is a crock, my apologies to Pelephone: it means that you still have to find a roaming solution then...