26 August 2008

Want your ass kicked?

Look no farther: this here blogger will do for you:

Kick Ass Blogger Award

I have been honored by the nomination coming from Kateland aka TZH aka The Last Amazon.

The rules of this meme are: link back to Mama Dawg, nominate five of your own ‘kick-ass bloggers’ and let them know. After mulling a bit on my five candidates, here they are, not ordered by any criteria:

Soccer Dad: one of the best and the finest the blogosphere has an honor to host. He has done so much for rallying Jooish bloggers together (yes, an impossibility, but he has!) that his contribution could be hardly (over) estimated.

Sonia Belle: she doesn't wear shoes (or anything else, for that matter, according to her), but even unshod her kick is much worse than her bark (I am sure besides that she doesn't bark - it gives an unfair advantage to barkee).

The Atheist Jew: politically incorrect and irreverent bacon eater who never surrenders his beliefs for a friendly slap on the shoulder. Cool.

Will. Speaking about kicking ass and not taking prisoners: what ass? which prisoners?

Well, she, of course. I am just afraid to nominate her, not being able to predict the response. Having one's posterior kicked from here to Wichita without notice could be too painful.

It is easy to notice that this is a motley crowd. Never to gather in one room. But fun.