25 August 2008

Is Jill Biden Jewish?

Of course, as I have predicted, the wave of queries on the above subject is already rising. Leaving some sleazy traces on the shores of the Internet.

Well, on one hand we have this short bio blurb in Wiki, saying that she is Roman Catholic. Which is but a thin cover for the 1.1 billion closet Jooz. Speaking about covers, you have doubtlessly noticed the curious headgear that Pope fancies:

Tells you a lot, doesn't it? Anyway, let's look at the body of evidence:

OK, fine, part of the body - it's not Penthouse here, you know. Blond hair, blue eyes, the schnozzle is way too small - nah... On the other hand, with today's plastic surgery and contact lenses you never know, some years ago she could very well served as a model for this ad:

But somehow I am in doubt about this possibility...

Still, you know, people (lots of people, by the way) are asking. So it may be worth looking at the kid, I mean Ashley Biden:

Hmm... this one is more difficult. There are some Jooish traits: the hair, the nose, etc... Suspicious...

Definitely worth looking into, what do you say?

P.S. for the surfers who come by via "Jill Biden Jewish" inquiry: knowing your intellectual prowess - Ashley is in the middle of the picture above.

Or you can count - she is the third from the left. To make it easier - she is the second from the right.

Oh well, don't strain it: the one with that white T-shirt and the longest hair. OK?

The earring in the left ear?

The sticker badge on her shirt?

The mammary glands, for crying out loud... yes, the teats...