06 August 2008

Smilja Avramov - how to say it gently?

"Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence, Third Time Is A Pattern". This is one of the versions of that popular saying. Although some people don't believe in coincidences at all.

When a person has one strange habit or belief - for example in the Tooth Fairy, it could be considered somewhat funny but endearing.

When a person has two strange beliefs - for example in the Tooth Fairy and infinite compassion of the communist state, it could be considered a funny but endearing quality that bears watching out for a possible need to sit on the person's head in the near future.

When a person simultaneously believes in:

  • Trilateral Commission conspiracy
  • Bilderberg Group conspiracy
  • Opus Dei conspiracy
  • Banking houses from Europe and the United States conspiracy
  • Vatican and the US establishment conspiracy
  • The Illuminati conspiracy
  • The Skull and Bones Society conspiracy
  • Coalition of Vatican, Jews and Muslims against Orthodox Christianity conspiracy (sic!)
  • Elders of Zion conspiracy
it becomes apparent even to a layman* that the time to sit on this person's head is quite overdue and, moreover, sitting on the said head will not help anymore.

Here is one such person:

Seeing a Jooish member of Opus Dei?

Her name is Smilja Avramov, she is a prominent lawyer, the honorary vice-president of the World Association of International Lawyers (based in London... hmm... I wonder). Soon to join a special team of legal experts that is being assembled to prepare the defence of Radovan Karadžić.

More on the lady here.

(*) Yes, I am irked a bit. It should be clear even to a layman that all these funny names on the list save the last one are just different fronts used by the Elders from time to time. To show-fight each other and to assist us in reaching the main goal (year 2000 - world domination). Which is already behind us. So there.