05 August 2008

Lebanese government - signing up for the next war?

I have chosen this Xinhua report on purpose - for its dry factual delivery.

The ministerial committee assigned to draft the policy statement of the Lebanese cabinet agreed after two weeks and 13 intensive meetings to include a clause on the right of the "resistance" to liberate its land, local daily Star reported Saturday.

The cabinet is to tackle the policy statement draft next week for ratification.

Information Minister Tareq Mitri said the statement included "the right of Lebanon, its people, army and resistance to liberate or reclaim its land."
To translate it for people who don't understand the intricacies of Middle-Eastern politics:
  • "To reclaim its land" means chiefly a smallish piece of land called Shebaa Farms, ownership of which is an issue disputed between Syria and Lebanon. Most people agree that Shebaa farms issue is an artificial one, invented and used by Hezbollah to justify its existence.
  • "Resistance" means same Hezbollah and its right to be armed to its teeth and beyond.
  • In short - the draft statement means a final surrender of the so called March 14 coalition to Hezbollah and its sponsors in Damascus and Tehran.
Ratification of the draft next week will mean that Lebanon as a whole gives blessing to more border skirmishes that are the preferred Hezbollah's way to "liberation" and eventually to a new war. That is too bad.

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