02 August 2008

Vince Weiguang Li - beheader NOT motivated by the Koran

At least one, admittedly right wing site, reports that CBC at first published the following:

RCMP announced Friday morning that they have charged Vince Weiguang Li, 40, of Edmonton with second-degree murder. He is scheduled to appear at the Manitoba provincial court in Portage la Prairie. A Chinese Muslim, Li expressed to investigators that his actions were motivated by the Koran.
Later, according to the site, the above quote was removed, but kept by several bloggers. Of course, it could easily be a provocation by the usual suspects...

It is early days yet, and I am not familiar with Canadian laws, but second degree murder sounds strange...

Update: While more grisly details of the murder surface (apparently Li hacked and ate some pieces of the victim), there is no shred of evidence so far regarding that rumor on Li being Muslim. From all reports he didn't talk during his court appearance. Police didn't reveal any details about his background, so the above quote looks more and more like a provocation. As suspected.

Update 2: From this article:
Li worked for six months as a custodian at the Grant Memorial Baptist Church in Winnipeg and was a member of the congregation.
So the Muslim connection seems to be finally debunked.

Thanks to Shawn.

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Anonymous said...

what the fuck is this??? why are they claiming him to be a muslim??? this world is so fucked up with this raidical corporate-christian propoganda that anybody who looks at you wrong could be a muslim. suck it up, assholes; he was a chinese-canadian who has a few screws loose. you want to see muslims? travel through Iran, Syria, Turkey... you'll find the kindest people you could ever imagine. the koran dictates peace and love, not any of this bullshit told by this right-wing, neo-capitalist, oil-jelous movement started through greed and selfishness. we should stand up and say we've had enough of this constant racism, and go against all these bullshit, corrupt, bought-out governments who highjacked the G8 and the world. we are people, and as people we have every right to bring the world back to the way we want it.... just the thought of this article makes me sick.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"<span>travel through Iran, Syria, Turkey"</span>

Good idea, guest. I shall do so. Just don't get sick, please.

And read the whole text carefully...

Anonymous said...

"dear" guest, the Koran DOES NOT advocate peace and love, that's BS, it advocates murder, bloodshed, and intolerance. That's how that religion was spread in the 1st place, by the sword. When the Muslim armies conquered a city, town, or village, they gave the survivors an ultimatum, either convert or have your head cut off! And just because most Muslims are peaceful, that does not make the religion itself peaceful! You are one of the most ignorant, misguided people that I have ever enountered!