09 August 2008

Haveil Havalim #177 - Tisha B'Av Edition

This is a result of another mental meltdown. That or I am getting addicted to HH hosting as a form of... doesn't matter.

In place of introduction: no post with BO was accepted. With one exception. Please be civil about it.

So let's go!

Tisha B'Av

A reminder from Dzeni.

The text at the back of the image is a translation of the book of Lamentations. This book is traditionally read in shul on Tisha B'Av.

On this occasion, shouldn't we all be reminded again of the need for unity - the lack of which caused some of the events we think about during this day?

Poetry at the time of mourning.

So, will we ever learn the lessons of this day? I am not too sure.

Oy vey Israel.

We are definitely a nation blessed (oh well) by abundance of prophets. Here is more about prophets and losses.

Touring the past in our country is never a way to forget the present. And what would we be without our memories? She lives davka in Shiloh, she invites women there for prayer, and she is not Elkana. Well, maybe a virtual one. Er... why invite women only?

Our neighbors on the west side are busy teaching their children to hate, and our northern neighbors are going to ratify the next war. Quite a sad situation. More in this moving er... movie by colleague Elder.

On the trivial and gray mentality of a murderer.

Do we need elections? Some people think so. Others think we need it like we need cholera.

Piss or vinegar? Better steer clear if you see a medusa (well, jellyfish).

It has become customary for some Brits to select Israeli produce based on its place of origin (settlement - not settlement). Surprisingly (or not) they have started to select people. Hmm...

Jewish women, feminists, anti-feminists, right, left, Mugrabi bridge, Wailing Wall - nothing else is needed for an explosive, methinks. Here comes a bit of explanation.

Police striving to make life for residents of Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria) difficult? Wow.

Bumping into soldiers could be educational. For both sides.

On the attitude to aliyah, (good source, by the way), on wisdom or lack thereof in throwing around monitors, on crossing (not) other good bloggers. Lots of good stuff, I am sure!

Find the culprit (hint - big blue hat and a fashion statement).

All who complain about rent in Manhattan - come back after reading this. You will have more to complain about in Tel-Aviv, I promise.

Yes, sometimes the rule of law triumphs.

She definitely kicks the posterior. Hurray to her! More on the subject.

An Israeli ad in Russian about a Japanes car that pissed off Saudi Arabia. Internationalism in action.

A talking terrorist dolphin? You bet.

Apologies flying pigs from All That Jazzeera.

Orthodox sex therapist? Yes, it appears that no matter how patient and kind is the young pair, it's doubtful that they would "learn from each other".

Can a terrorist be rehabilitated? Or a whole society bent on terrorism? Good questions.

The dwindling of news organizations with Israel (or Middle East) desks continues. For various reasons, probably. Maybe it's a blessing and we are entering the boring times? Nah...

No, I wouldn't touch your mouse. Just go there and tell the story afterward, please. Cause I am keeping self incognito.

Hevron road - the beginning or the end? What's for sure - no one knows.

Feeling the energy in Shomron. Twice.

Aroma at the Mahane Yehuda Market? Nu nu.

How dare our hospitals treat Palestinians? Well, a bit of Israeli chutzpa, I guess.

Sanctity of international borders or a useful myth for some people?

Only five stages of adapting to Israel? And I though twelve is a good start...

Israeli humor is hot these days, so here come a few tidbits about Circumcise Me.

Real world tramples on human rights delegation.

Johanh Hari, the Indy's piglet, lying about Israel? Why I am not surprised?

Bad manners, bad citizens or both?

Gearing Up for the Nefesh B'Nefesh Bloggers Conference - no fistfights, please.

Judaism and Jewish Culture

Martinique - the island is dominated by Mount Pelee, which on 8 May 1902 erupted and completely destroyed the city of Saint Pierre, killing 30,000 inhabitants. Which means for sure that there are Jooz on Martinique. Proof.

To learn about my ignorance and teach some humility - Summer Torah. And to tell us all about more Jews - Uganda has them now, maybe Uganda will let them go.

Is Bar-Mitzva a sad event? No, but still mothers do cry. Oh well. And yes, sometimes we, Jooz, could be wonderful, it's true even if sometimes it doesn't look this way.

In Israel we take the nine days (between the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz and Tisha B'Av) seriously. Indeed.

Dark meat, New York Times, Agriprocessors... heavy stuff. More on Agriprocessors, Iowa, Purim. What's the deal with these Agriprocessors?

Tehilim and copyright issues. Whodunit?

Essence of a get (and I thought it's only tsuris).

Parshat Shelach Lecha: the story of the 12 spies.

Screaming at Vespasian - it could do you some good, as it appears.

I would agree that some things they did back in biblical days are relevant today. But who I am to speak up?

Landmark address by UK Chief Rabbi to Anglican Bishops? I hope it does some good.

More proof that there is a lot of true history in the Book.

Heckling a Torah scholar in Jerusalem? Unheard of, I bet. Hecklers may be well in need of a comforting psalm.

How The Microscopic has turned us Myopic.

Is Halachah changable?

Some observations of the Russian Jewry.

What is Baseless Hatred? Is there anything in the world that can be considered Baseless? Questions, questions...

And more questions: should we say oy vey When A Husband Takes His Wife's Maiden Name?


Terrorism is not only strapping an explosive belt and murdering innocent and defenseless. Today terrorism is branching out into abusing the so easily abused deity of Political Correctness and with its blind assistance silencing anyone who dares to say anything contrary. The case of Howard Rotberg and his book The Second Catastrophe. I urge you to read it, to post about it and to order the book here.

Pilger pilgerizes but Norm pulverizes.

I have always believed that black is beautiful. And it is a beautiful essay, you all will love it. Although he may not be an angel (no man is), an angel was definitely perched on his shoulder when he was writing it.

No one has no business to tell anyone who can or who cannot criticize Israel or its government, it is true. Thankfully it is a free world. However, saying this, I would also like to add that criticism of a patronizing, insulting or generally snooty type will be met by an appropriate response. We, Jooz, are good with responses, that's for sure.

That gift that keeps giving. Nu, shoin.

Taking on single-handed the roles Diaspora plays. Only one person can.

Does The Guardian's Comment Is Free allow anti-Semitic rubble to act out their hate? Does Pope use Vatican's restroom?

A dreck by any other name...

Judaism defines gender based upon visible reproductive organs. You would think that's good enough, would you? Apparently not.

Why, oh why some of us are atheists?

And now to something entirely different - love. Entirely beautiful, too.

Anyone who doesn't understand history is doomed to be battered by it. I dare add that many of those who understand it will get it in the neck too...

Inbred corrupt cretins? How did that inbreeding happen?

Spanish Civil war - in San Francisco?

More on L’affaire Siné.

Satanic Verses redux? Not yet, it seems to be buried for now.

Oh gosh - where would we be without Ms Amanpour? No, really...

Some people (including some presidential candidates) used to communicate with deity via a note in the Wall. Today it's WiFi.

A skating rink in hell or journalist day in Iran? Surprise!

Believe it or not - some women condone domestic violence.

Who in the whole blue world wants to bomb Comical Hugo? Or his oil reserves? Still, paranoia is so typical for dictators.

A miracle or a natural consequence of a good deed?

Go, Karsenty, go - and more power to you!

When "CPA" means "Jew". Or when some Mayflower people open up.

The story of Alexander Borisovich is a good story by an excellent blogger. Nothing more to be said.

In Israel these days most kids mature around 40. Or later. But some people still believe in the leap.

Inspecting one's trash can for politically ecologically correct contents? Please...

The modern version of Hell - Dante, go home.

When do you start feeling the age? At 95, it appears. Till 120!

Congratulations with your blogiversary, stay sweet.

Egyptian Mustache Enthusiasts Heart Hitler, it appears.

Another show trial in the making in Iran - now it's Baha'i under fire.

Too stupid not to be true. So it's true - Cuba to chair HRC Advisory Committee. Probably will teach HRC to deal with journalists when they get too frisky.

His father's memories, which are now part of Jewish Migrant Oral History Project.

Russian Culture for the Uncultured American Tourist - but did this tourist step away from the central streets there? He doesn't say.

Hey, now I know too the secret of the Cheap Kosher Pizza in Brooklyn. But I am not telling, so click on that link. And anyway, what kind of outfit calls itself Royal Gefilte Fish (I hate gefilte fish, now you know my other secret)?


Did you know that Jack, yes our Jack that is managing the whole Haveil Havalim shebang, is the... er... manliest man in the world? And that this strength is quite fragile?

Count your blessings. Also - count your kids from time to time, will you? Lest you appear in a "Quirkies" column...

Rapping for Israel? Nu, fine...

A beautiful girl singing in a suggestive pose on her bed. What it's about? Palestine? Oh well...

Let's make make a dent in the alcohol problems! Much as it pains me personally...

Try to beat him in narrischkeit and see where it gets you. Mind your lower mandible, though. But he doesn't know that this thing wouldn't protect him from our mind control rays.

How to be thought of as a sloppy, long-haired gay? Well, to start with you need long hair, dontcha? Which I don't own lately. Sorry to say.

I do sometimes pray a bit before sticking my credit card into the muzzle of an ATM, but praying at the pump? Too rich for me.

Thankfully this specific T-shirt was dry.

He's so happy it is a boy! I have never seen a 46-teeth smile yet. Gesundheit!

Do you know what "Juche-oriented Literary and Art Idea" means? No, don't be ashamed, you need to read more of this stuff.

Gadding around the world, and what about Zionist duties?

Men in shorts (not in black) are meek and will get in heaven, I say.

A tale of a honest business man. Cool.

Just a lover's note, but it is the only one that includes a mention of BO.

This is a timeless classic!

This Redneck Stonehenge is charming indeed.

Sermon Bingo - more than you expected from a shul visit.

Cats (of course)

Losing a pet is not like losing a person you love, but it's painful nevertheless. Yes, it breaks one's heart.

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Coda - in spite of the fast

I have stumbled on the following clip by Al Jazeera on Middle Eastern food wars... The sheer stupidity of the "don't touch my falafel" battle cry makes it entertaining, and the succulent dishes presented make it impossible to fall asleep while watching. Unless you have already been through one of the Batya's Kosher Cooking Carnivals.

And here comes a review of this clip.

Making Muhammad cookies is a new culinart form presented in this clip:

I hope these two clips will help you to work up the appetite till the fast ends.


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