27 August 2008

Jenna Delich took Harry's Place down or coalition of the muzzled burns their strawman

"The law is an ass", they say, and there is a good measure of truth in it. The (temporary, I hope) demise of Harry's Place (HP) blog has shown again how easy it is in Britain to suppress any kind of writings anyone deems offensive (libelous will be the term used) to him/her. Even when the contents of that writings happen to be perfectly true.

The story starts with an "anti-Zionist" lady, one Jenna Delich, warmly recommending a article published on David Duke's (the famous Jew-hater who will not be linked from this place) site to her buddy. When Harry's Place made the story public, another "anti-Zionist" (and AssaJew to boot), Mike Cushman, advised Ms Delich to complain to the HP's ISP, which she has promptly done.

As a result, the blog that simply told the truth is shut down.

Aside of the current UK law on libel being ridiculous, there is a supreme irony in the way the two lowlifes mentioned above behaved. These two belong to a small but vociferous crowd of "anti-Zionists" that chronically complain about being muzzled by everyone - from the Zionist lobby to the British Royal Post. And look what have they perpetrated. It will be quite difficult for them to revive their favorite strawman now, I am afraid.

To make the rest easier for myself, I shall quote the beginning and the end of an excellent post by Ami Isseroff:

Next time you read that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, and next time you hear that the Zionist conspiracy is "muzzling" criticism of Israel" remember this one.
Remember Jenna Delich next time you read that "anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism." Remember Mike Cushman when someone tells you, "he can't be an anti-Semite, he is a Jew." Remember Harry's Place when someone tells you about the "Zionists" muzzling criticism.
Indeed. Now read the rest of that post.

And a few technicalities:
  • You can follow the new developments on a mirror blog The Jenna Delich Archives
  • You can express yourself by e-mailing these two characters:
  • Jenna Delich: jenna.delich@sheffcol.ac.uk
  • Mike Cushman: m.cushman@lse.ac.uk
Good luck.

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Update: HP is back on-line.