14 August 2008

Beg pardon, Norm

When taking to task the incomparable Seumas Milne, the relentlessly asinine Stalinist of The Guardian, Norm states (rather optimistically), that "stupidity does have its limits".

With all due respect, Norm - this is a serious underestimation of Milne. Watching his mental (mmm...) contortions for the last ten or so years, I cannot avoid reminding myself the eternal words (was it my beloved professor Challenger of The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?): "Before I met you, I have been certain that there is a limit to human stupidity" (not a precise quote).

Believe me, the man has just started to spread his wings. If there were a position for an angel of stupidity, he would have been a second pretender to it - only because he is too stupid to be first in anything.

Milne is a gift that has barely started to give. You just wait - the unearthly delights are coming!