19 August 2008

Gratuitous links

The Rich Jew returns is a mandatory reading, as is this post by Harry about the shenanigans of "progressive" anti-Zionists that somehow don't seem to be able to keep that "anti-Zionism" mask in place over their antisemitic snouts.

About Swapo: Are the SWP a thick pack of evil, vile tossers, as Will sez? I totally agree with thick, vile and tossers. As for evil - I am not sure, evil requires some brain activity level above that of a thick vile tosser, doesn't it?

Now to all the morons who still think (and say) that Russia is the shiny white knight in the last Georgian do - read this carefully. If you are able, that is.

And this one, which I have stumbled upon really by an accident:

Let me put it this way: my heart is split in two (at least) by that clip. I mean, an anti-Israeli anti-vegetarian could make one's brain boggle.

It is not that I am totally anti-veggie. Some of my best friends are of that kind, but them folks who want to force other people to do as they do, no matter what they do - be it Buddhism, chain smoking, libertarianism, vegetarianism, Mormonism - all of them street peddlers, door-to-door persuaders, starry-eyed missionaries, two-bit prophets of doom or redemption etc... could go and vigorously fuck themselves. As far as I am concerned.