03 August 2008

Sitemeter problem?

Devotees of HCB (Holy Church of Bill) are out in a posse to get Sitemeter. Here is an example:

Sitemeter Kills Thousands Of Sites For IE Users

In yet another case of widgets going crazy and causing havoc, a bug in Sitemeter has caused a large number of websites and blogs using the free web analytics tool to fail loading for users of Internet Explorer.
Heavy stuff... The inhuman Sitemeter killers wrecking havoc on the Internet and shit like this.
Then, after some investigation:
Turns out that this was the result of a bug in Internet Explorer, which the Sitemeter developers didn’t account or test for.
Notice the strange structure of that sentence: A bug in IE, but still Sitemeter people look unclean. Heathens like they are.
And then a hilarious question:
Does this still mean that Sitemeter are to blame, or are we about to see the backlash shift to Microsoft because of a known bug and a developer not testing.
And who is supposed to answer this one? Bleh...

Yeah well - you see, folks, I, to take one example, don't use IE 7 and don't intend to start. Firefox (and other non-MS browsers) didn't encounter any problem with Sitemeter, so do your own math. And don't give us that "known bugs" crapola...