22 August 2008

A mote in his eye...

Austrian Times have some fun on account of Poles:

Bungling railway bosses have wasted millions building a railway tunnel that's too small for trains to get through.

The mistake was only uncovered when building inspectors measured the finished tunnel in the Polish capital, Warsaw, and realised the roof of the tunnel was so low no trains would get under it.
The bungle is the latest in a line of public transport construction fiascos in Poland. A tunnel built recently to divert lorry traffic in Warsaw turned out to be too low for lorries while last year the Polish road authority produced plans for two sections of major motorway across Poland that would have missed each other by five miles, each coming to a dead end in the middle of the countryside.
Oh well, here is some evidence that the bungling market is not cornered by Poles:
The 'blind' serial killer of Lower Austria who slaughtered four family members almost two months ago has been arrested by police after going on the run.
And if two months searching for a blind man was not enough:
Josef Branis was arrested by 15 officers from special police unit 'Cobra'...
A bit of an overkill, don't you think? But this "Cobra" moniker is definitely thrilling.
He escaped police on the day of the killings on a women's bicycle he left at the local train station.
If he had a man's bicycle, the capture would have taken a year, I bet!

Now Poles may start feeling better, I am sure.