16 August 2008

Beg pardon, Norm 2

The ink has barely dried on that post where I have dared to dispute Norm's statement on limits of stupidity, and here comes more proof that I was right. Stupidity is unlimited.

This proof comes from the same (possibly inexhaustible) source of morons - the Comment Is Free of The Guardian. This time the author is one Richard Silverstein, a good example of the "assaJew" species.

As an appetizer (or an introduction to ease your way into the situation and to avoid trauma), here is a sampler (no links, look it up yourself if you don't believe) of Richard's feverish brain activity. The post in question is titled:


And the first sentence of the post starts with:

The IDF has formally exonerated the tank crew which killed Reuters cameraman Fadel Shana...
Well - exonerated, justified - who cares, especially if you are an idiot in a hurry to throw more shit at the darn Israelis.

(More on the subject here.)

There is more in the story quoted above, it's definitely worth your attention, but I judge you now ready for the main course - that CiF article linked above, which includes the following gem re Mahmoud Darwish and his Israeli colleague Yehuda Amichai:
In the US, you might have to go back to either Robert Frost or Ezra Pound to find someone of comparable stature.
Bingo. Yehuda Amichai, a dovish and gentle leftist whose poetry rarely, if at all, hurt anyone and Ezra Pound - while a genius, also a raving anti-Semite, a fascist and all around dirty character.

Comparable stature, indeed... See, Richard, you are an imbecile. "Imbecile" means that the problem is not with your upbringing, education or lack of thereof. It is the (rather unfortunate) fact and associated vagaries of your birth and as such cannot be alleviated. So make peace with your imbecility and smile.

Richard smiles...

Many thanks to DT for the tip, and many thanks to Will for this essay on stupidity that I'll be enjoying shortly - as soon as I click "Publish" on this post.

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(*) The habit to shout in upper case is beyond my comprehension. It must have something to do with abusive or repressive parents. Or some other childhood trauma, like falling on one's head from one's chamberpot. Who knows... But, on the other hand, who cares?