29 August 2008

Sarah Palin - yeah, well, is she Jewish?

You know the drill by now.

Go ahead, place your bet!


Guest said...

She is Jewish. I know Sarah. Or at least I knew her till mid 2008 when Sarah forgot her local friends and chose stardom. Now of course, her handlers want to whitewash the whole thing, but a little digging in the local church archives will open eyes

Guest said...

David, sorry for my doubt, I did research it using two Lithuanian archivists who have a total 67 years experience of research under their collective belts. I have over 33 years as a researcher in East Coast Jewish family trees, and have been both published and cited over 34 times, so I always fact check my sources.
It seems the Rove camp has indeed "whitewashed' Sarah;s family tree.
Sarah has Jewish blood on BOTH sides of the family, just as you said. My apologies for my suspicion. I had only a Craigslist posting to go on, and I hope you understand that in this age of hoax, I had to do my own due diligence.

My apologies for doubting you

Judith Levin

Anonymous said...

She is jewish.