17 August 2008

Nasrallah, Georgia, Israeli generals, crap

Nasrallah the Lebanese groundhog issued another victorious communique:

In speech marking two-year anniversary of Second Lebanon War, Hizbullah secretary-general mocks Israeli political, military leadership: 'Gal Hirsch was defeated in Lebanon, and now lost the war for Georgia'.
The frequency and the pitch of the interminable speeches by the Sheik are going steadily up. Has he succeeded to persuade himself that his was a brilliant victory?

Anyhow, Georgia is just a tip of the iceberg. What about Israeli generals and the dive taken by Atlantis? What about that diminutive Israeli general who lost for France the Waterloo battle and now aspires to become our PM?

But let's face it, dear Nasrallah - this subject was just a thin smokescreen for the main announcement:
I tell the Zionists: We don't fear you. Say whatever you want and do whatever you want. We know that you are planning new assassinations of resistance leaders. But this will not make us retreat.
Which is Mediterranean lingo for one more year (at least) in a bunker.