21 August 2008

Mary Dejevsky - Milne light?

If you look at Indy as Guardian light, it only makes sense to have a Milne light in Indy. Reading this article, I believe that I have found that counterpart for Milne. Mary Dejevsky - "one of the country’s most respected commentators on Russia".

Well, Russia did not have long to worry about losing its reputation as backyard bully.
Mmm... I wonder, does Ms Dejevsky have a slightest idea about the country she is commenting upon and this country's neighbors? Does Moldova and its "breakaway" Pridnestrovye ring a bell? How about the gas and oil blackmail against Ukraine and other ex-Soviet republics to make them behave? How about a bit of hanky-panky in the Balkans to favor their Serbian friends?

There is a lot of other crapola in this article, but then I have probably misread that blurb about Ms Dejevsky. After all, they call her "most respected commentator". Doesn't mean knowledgeable. Doesn't imply any understanding. Or anything else aside of respect, for that matter.