08 October 2007

The Evolution Meme

I was hit (no euphemisms here, so leave that "tagged" alone, please) by another meme, from BEAJ.

As much as I dislike that meme thingy, this post will be a rare exception (still no passing the curse to other). The reason is that the second anniversary of this blog is getting close, and it may be a good time to reflect on the gravity of the situation here.

The idea is that I list five old posts that I think are reflective of the evolution of this blog.
Mmm... There definitely hasn't been any evolution to speak of. The blog, that was started as a group venture, become chiefly my personal cross to bear. I cannot even claim that it has become a bear not to be crossed... rather a smaller (knee-biting level) creature. And while evolution is being mentioned, it is with great melancholy that I comment on the remarkable fact: the first post was concerned with Mahmoud the Mad, and not a lot happened since, at least regarding this clown.

Still, the life goes on and some things do change, including our favorite confused gentleman who has wisely decided to retire (probably his wisest decision ever).

The definitive post that (more or less) set the tone for many of the future ones, was this one, regarding (again) Mahmoud the Mad's idea on relocation of the Jooz back to Europe. We are still waiting for Italians to make a move, by the way. Apparently their bureaucracy is really formidable.

As a nice milestone, I can mention this piece on the notorious Hamas-style Hudna, picked up by Slate.

And lately, well, Simply Jews is branching into photography, seeing as how there are many really interesting amateurs on the web exchanging pictures, visits and (mostly) compliments. Which makes a refreshing change after all that political squabbling.

That's it, more or less. No one can say for how long this venture will continue, or what changes of direction are in wait for it.

But who cares?

Now, if after reading this crap, you suddenly felt like doing that meme, feel free. But don't blame me, I did not "tag" you, OK?