26 October 2007

Where exactly is Gaza? Nitpicking.

Another day, another guardianism. This time it is about an article Persona non grata in Gaza by Conal Urquhart. Generally a nice bloke, Conal, and unlike some other British journalists I could mention, does not go out of his way to blame the Jooz for this or that.

The gist of the article is conveyed by this lede:

They have been there since the fourth century. But many of the territory's Christians now live in fear of their Muslim neighbours and want to leave.
It is not only in Gaza, of course, the story repeats itself in several Muslim countries. It's a good, albeit too muted for my taste, article. What confused me a bit was the front page arrangement around the link to this article (I know I am nitpicking now):

The following remark is addressed to the on-line editor(s) of The Guardian: much as you would like it to, the article in question does not have anything to do with Israel. Gaza is somewhere else, look it up. Time to adjust your references.