29 October 2007

What planet are we on, indeed?

Random surfing, besides being a sublime way to waste your time, sometimes brings you a rare gift that perks you up and enforces a reality check. Sometimes you need a jolt of ultra-right or extra-left to plant your feet back on the ground. Thanks to a random click, I have stumbled on this blog. Nothing unusual for a regular hardcore lefty - a quote from Fidel, links to Granma, Counterpunch, Electronic Intifada, whatnot. I was going to click out, and then my roving eye found the following:

The idea that Kim Jong Il "allowed a famine to kill 2 million of his own people" is so preposterous that I wouldn't take it seriously, were it not for the fact that a mainstream publication chooses to publish it, and for my expectation that such a preposterous claim won't even raise an eyebrow among its readers.
The post where the above quote appears is titled What planet is Fareed Zakaria on? If you don't believe me, go there and make sure.

Thankfully, there is no need to comment on this. I wonder, what will that guy (girl?) say to this?