11 October 2007

"Pravda" means "truth"?

At least this is what your Russian-English dictionary will tell you. Not from my experience, though. Recently, while following a link from Olly's Onions, I have stumbled upon an amazing pair of articles in Pravda. One that explains how American imperialists faked the Moon landing.

American engineer Ralph Rene was the first who notices these faults: he declared that there was no Moon landing at all and that all pictures and films about the flight to the unexplored planet were a fake.
And more and more... The other Pravda article says that Aliens forced Americans out from the Moon.
The film stated that lunar creatures would not tolerate the presence of Earth dwellers for long. When Americans brought a dummy car to furrow Moon craters, the creatures living on the satellite began to demonstrate their furious protest against the US presence on the Moon.
Probably along the lines of "Yanks, go home!" or summat...

Anyway, Pravda should make up its collective (or hive, one has to say) mind about the whole business. Either Yanks got to the Moon and were subsequently thrown out by the (obviously progressive and freedom-loving locals/aliens) or, on the contrary, they never went there, faking the movies (who then pocketed the change from them 40 billion bucks?).

On the other hand, Pravda allows a lot of room for contradictory stuff, as it could be seen from the following picture of its front page of October 8, 2007:

It's a good thing I am not a woman and do not plan to become pregnant anytime soon.

And if you want to become even more discombobulated, here comes a smasher from the second of the two articles in the above snapshot:
Researchers studying obese women can gain little or no weight during pregnancy - and even lose a few pounds - without harming their babies.
Researchers have it tough, for sure...

Alerting my favorite ufologists.

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