19 October 2007

Photohunt: Practical

The theme for this week is "Practical". Doesn't mean a lot to yours truly, who is not the most practical person - to say it gently. My understanding of what practical means would be best expressed in the following picture:

But, unfortunately, I didn't take it, so I had to search far and wide...

You see the remains of a typical Anasazi village. Inhabiting one of the arid places on the globe, Anasazi were nothing if not practical. There is a source of water nearby (out of the scope of the picture), the overhang of the immense cliff, a small part of which you see, provides a dearly needed shadow and the considerable elevation (about 40 to 60 meters) of the cavern's floor above the canyon bed makes the protection of the dwellings so much easier. Imagine climbing the cliff wall with your spear and a tomahawk while the enemy above drops some serious masonry on your head without sweating...

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