10 October 2007

What would you have with your cat?

The Elders' HQ has barely recovered from the shocker of the discovery of Aussies culinary designs on their feline population, and voila: another news item on their eating debauchery.

Australians are being urged to get rid of a plague of moths - by eating them. The "munch a moth" campaign is being led by Jean-Paul Bruneteau, 51, a French-born chef, reports the Daily Telegraph. He first began eating the brown bogong moths 11 years ago while researching a book on bush tucker eaten by Aborigines. "They have a lovely popcorn flavour, like hazelnut," he said.
I am really at a loss for words (be a first for me, surely). It is not that I have a special corner of my black and small heart reserved for moths, not at all. They are in no way felines, and as far as I am concerned, Aussies could munch on them to their hearts' content. Led by that French-born chef.

It is just, you know, how to say in gently... bleh...
Alternatively the chef recommends putting them through a coffee blender and sprinkling them into an omelette, pancake or crepe.
Has this put you off your tucker? Just think what will come next...

Bon appetit!

Er.... is this moth kosher?