29 October 2007

Olmert, prostate cancer and politicos

It seems to be a fairly important news item today.

Anyway, the immediate danger to Olmert' health is no more than that of having an appendectomy. However, it does not stop some eternal hopefuls from driving the point in.

Yet, Eldad believes the prime minister should resign "despite the tumor, because of his failures."

MK Ran Cohen (Meretz) praised Olmert for sharing the news about his illness with the public.

"The PM doesn't have to resign because of his condition," Cohen said, "but he must resign because of his decisions during the Second Lebanon War and the police investigations."
Not the best timing, is it? But, at least, Bibi hasn't been too hasty as in case of Sharon's first stroke (when he hurried a bit with his condolences).

Let's wait at least for after the surgery, folks. OK, OK, but not before the unaesthetic wears off...