13 October 2007

Rafsanjani: Jews were pain in the neck

It appears that the master of Iranian stand-up comedy, Mahmoud Ahmydinnerjacket, has a serious problem with his ex-competitor for the post, the "moderate" Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani. They disagree on a key point in Mahmoud's world vision. While Mahmoud is a Holocaust denier, Rafsanjani recognizes the slaughter. Well, in his own endearing way:

Hashemi Rafsanjani, former Iranian president and current Chairman of the Assembly of Experts, said Friday that Hitler’s treatment of Jewish people in Europe was due in part to their being “a pain in the neck.” Rafsanjani’s comments came during a sermon for "International Jerusalem Day" on Iranian TV.
There is more in this MEMRI clip, it is not long, and to some of you it may look shocking. Not for me, though, I have done my little research on this sorry sack of human refuse. Oh well, of course in a day or two we'll hear a different interpretation of this text from the inimitable Juan Cole or somebody else of his ilk.

I bet Rafsanjani will be invited soon to talk in one of the Ivy League universities (if he wasn't yet), and I bet the "progressives" will forget to ask him about the warrant for his arrest issued by Argentine. And all his other heroic deeds.

Too bad.

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