16 October 2007

Comical Hugo's paradise vision

The price of sin rose Monday in Venezuela where President Hugo Chavez is on a campaign to make Venezuelans cut back on drinking and smoking. Alcohol is now 10 percent more expensive; cigarettes are 20 percent pricier.
Chavez really hits where it hurts. Didn't forget me too, the bastard:
Chavez has described whisky as a drink for rich people, not for revolutionaries.
Yep. I'm a typical running lackey dog of the world Zio-imperialism. Now it is personal...
The moves represent the first steps toward transforming each Venezuelan into what Chavez calls "the new man." Chavez has cited the life of revolutionary socialist icon Ernesto "Che" Guevara as an example of how to lead a more pure life.
Sure, let's all follow the saint. If every person on the planet offs five hundred others... let me see... something is wrong with my math...

But no worries, really, some people will not take it lying on the floor.
On the street, some people said they don't understand the motivations for the increase, but predicted their consumption would not change. "The Venezuelan is not going to stop drinking or smoking," said one person.
Me too, Hugo, me too.
But Chavez, who was in Cuba Monday visiting communist leader Fidel Castro, said he wants to focus less on material goals for Venezuela's 27 million people, 38 percent of whom live in poverty.

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